Cavelands in the Jungle, Ecolodges and Camping



TEMAZCAL The Temazcal is a Mayan Sweat that cleanses and purifies as the body as we sing sacred songs for the heart and spirit. It’s in a dome with hot rocks in the middle. We say our prayers to the earth, sweat out our toxins and call in the spirit[…]


THERAPIES Our community offers therapies such as Holistic Massage, Kambo, Acupuncture, Janzu and Transformative Journeys Holistic Massage Deep. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Resetting. Our practitioners have studied several massage techniques that help remove toxins from the muscles and fibers of the body as well as invigorate the blood and lymph systems. Enjoy[…]


Ceremonies Some people will say that life is a ceremony, and it is, when we put in the intention into what we{re making in this world. At Cavelands, this beautiful land has been used for ceremonies to purge of from the old and to create the new. We sing around[…]


Diving Diving Diving, free diving, scuba diving, etc. Diving Diving, free diving, scuba diving, etc. Instructor, Facilitators Diving, free diving, scuba diving, etc.

Cooking Workshop

Cooking Cooking workshops Ayurvedic Cooking, Ceviche, Mexican Basic Cooking Workshop ipsem. Cooking Times Cooking. Instructor, Facilitators Cooking.