Cavelands in the Jungle, Ecolodges and Camping


What are the cenotes ?

The word cenote comes from the Spanish conquistadores. The word is transformed from the Mayan words Tzo not, which means fresh water well or hole in the ground. A cenote is a subterranean cavity containing permanent water. Caves and caverns are connected through underwater basins and rivers and end up in the ocean. These immense underground water systems function as the second biggest fresh water reserve of all Mexico…

Hundreds of cenote are to visit in the area ( such as the Dos Ojos national park located 5 minutes by car from Chemuyil). You will find a few of them around Cavelands.

Don Renzo’s private cenote

Inside of Cavelands ecolodge, we have a  small and private cenote that you will be able to enjoy any time of day or night just out of your lodging!

This cenote opens a path to the underground river networks and can lead certified divers to Xunaan hà



Only 500 meters away, just in front of the entrance of Cavelands, the Xunaan-Há ( Water woman) cenote is a colorful and secret paradise to discover (entrance 100 pesos). A perfect place in the morning sun for swimming and snorkeling.


Cenote Escondido

A few meters away at the entrance of the road that lead to Cavelands, discover the Cenote escondido ( hidden cenote) a free and yet preserved cenote in a huge cave with cristal waters and impressive stalactites and bats!