Cavelands in the Jungle, Ecolodges and Camping


Don Renzo’s Cavelands

Don Renzo’s Cavelands is primed for community experiences with the beautiful jungle surrounding cenotes, our jungle built cabanas and camping areas surrounding this jungle land, primed with a yoga deck above the private cenote, several fire pits with seating, temazcal, ceremonial lands, tipis, camping areas and community and private kitchen and bathrooms.


Cavelands is a full jungle camping experience for family, friends, nature lovers, healers, and those who want to be healed.

We offer this space for retreats and authentic jungle experiences. We are equipped and ready to give your event the light and feeling you want. Make the jungle experience yours.


Don Renzo’s Cavelands, Cavelands in the Jungle has a burgeoning nature loving and healing community around the Cavelands in the Jungle camping.

Come join us for a fantastic and vital life, in the jungle.

Meet some of our local facilitators and teachers who come help make this area so magical.

Don Renzo’s Cavelands, Cavelands in the Jungle,
Chemuyil, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.


  • Our own Cenote
  • Caves to sit in
  • Fire Pits ( 5 of them ! )
  • Jungle Room
    • Mosquito-Netted Multipurpose Room
    • Yoga, Meditation, Meetings (mosquito netted)
  • Community Ceremony space