Cavelands in the Jungle, Ecolodges and Camping


Group Stay Amenities

  • 5 cabañas
  • community kitchen
  • community dining
  • community and private bathrooms
  • community firepit
  • outdoor seating, hammocks, lounge
  • connect with nature in the beautiful jungle trees, birds, cenote, fresh wind, shade
  • wifi, electricity, running water, flushing toilets


We offer an amazing space for groups to come together and create a special experience. Bring your family, your tribe, your colleagues to an experience connecting with nature in the jungle.

Group Jungle Experience

With our 5 cabanas, full kitchen and outdoor dining room, invite 15 or more people to come on a retreat into nature in the jungle life.

  • The Main Cabaña
    2 double beds
    sleeps 4
  • The Suite Cabaña
    2 double beds
    1 single bed
    sleeps 5
  • 3 Cabañas
    1 double bed each cabaña
    sleeps 6
  • Camping Locations
  • Community Kitchen
  • Community Dining
  • Community Bathroom
  • Wifi, Electricity, Running Water, Flushing Toilets


Price/night: $ 350 – (USD)
Price/week: $ 1950 – (USD) ( pay for Six nights get one free)
15 persons in the cabañas, and more can camp. You decide how many people you bring for this camping and jungle experience.