Cavelands in the Jungle, Ecolodges and Camping


Group Stay Amenities

  • 5 cabañas
  • community kitchen
  • community dining
  • community and private bathrooms
  • community firepit
  • outdoor seating, hammocks, lounge
  • connect with nature in the beautiful jungle trees, birds, cenote, fresh wind, shade
  • wifi, electricity, running water, flushing toilets


Available for Retreats and Events for up to 36 people.

Don Renzo’s Cavelands can be rented out for a private retreat.

Our 2 hectares (5 acres) is full of the amazing natural habitat of the Riviera Maya’s jungle including our private cenote, caves, the local jungle trees, fauna, birds and beautiful life.

With the sacred waters of our private cenote, the winds rustling sweetly through the trees, the vivid colors of our enchanting jungle, the community gathering spaces, natural ecolodges and camping, and the Cavelands camping experience, will bring you and your group closer to nature, connect with themselves and each other.

Plan an event or retreat with us.

With our cabañas to come together and create a special experience. Bring your family, your tribe, your colleagues to an experience connecting with nature in the jungle.

The Retreat Experience

With our 5 cabañas, full kitchen and outdoor dining room, invite 15 or more people to come on a retreat into nature in the jungle life.

  • The Cenote
  • The Lounge Cave
  • The Meditation Cave
  • The Yoga Shala
  • The Temazcal
  • 5 Community firepits
  • The Big Tipi
    2 double beds
    1 single bed
    sleeps 5
  • The Main Cabaña
    2 double beds
    sleeps 4
  • The Suite Cabaña
    2 double beds
    1 single bed
    sleeps 5
  • 3 Cabañas
    1 double bed each cabaña
    sleeps 6
  • Family Camper
    sleeps 4
  • Sea Green Camper
    sleeps 3
  • Camping Locations
    • Small Tipi Tents (supplied)
      sleeps 2
    • Bring Your Own Tents
  • 2 Community Kitchens
  • 1 large Community Dining
  • 2 Community Bathrooms
  • 1 private bathroom in The Suite
  • Wifi, Electricity, Running Water, Flushing Toilets
  • Rentable extra bathrooms for events


Price/night: $ 1000 – (USD)
Price/week: $ 6000 – (USD) ( pay for Six nights get one free)
Max. ___ people